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Pikul Set

Rattan living room furniture 2 Pikul flower design rattan chairs and 1 honeycomb shape 2 tables are included in the set.
100% real rattan
Sent all over Thailand.
Price : 18500 ฿
Reduce to : 8900 ฿

Product details

  • The shop’s rattan living set ‘Jubsann’ is eco-friendly rattan furniture made of 100 percent natural rattan. Jubsann shop’s rattan reception set includes rattan chairs and rattan tables in both round and double table types. It’s genuine rattan furniture made from 100 percent natural rattan, and the chair is padded with a thick, plush cloth cushion. Ascertain that you are able to sit comfortably.
  • The shop’s rattan living set is built of rattan furniture with great craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Each table on the rattan work is handcrafted by expert people for a fair price. People who want lovely furniture will like this. to relax in the garden of one’s own home In the garden, I used to sit and drink coffee. Decorated to look like it belongs in a coffee shop Create a relaxing room or a warm spot in your home that is suited for a child.
  • Rattan Furniture Shop is always ready to help with delivery or repairs. Delivery is available throughout Thailand from our store. Every work is guaranteed to be of high quality. Because our shop’s rattan work is woven with real rattan, a material that is robust, resilient, and flexible due to the natural characteristics of rattan wood.
  • Our rattan furniture can be used to sit or sleep for relaxation as desired, and it also helps to create a warm, traditional, and inviting ambiance in the home.
  • The backrest and armrests are made of sturdy material.
  • Suitable for any house or business that requires furniture that may be utilized to sit or sleep for relaxation or to beautify a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Create an atmosphere to make the garden area look warm. Decorate the house, not taking up space. Giving the house a warm atmosphere and there is a beautiful area to sit back and sip coffee, or can be used as a breakfast table, suitable for 1-2 people.
Color : Phikul flower that come from the natural hue of actual rattan texture are available.
Quality : The rattan drying process is thorough (drying rattan furniture prevents mold) and the rattan surface is coated with lacquer to avoid water swelling. Natural rattan wood is the primary composite material (Rattan – Rattan line – Rattan skin)
Main composite material : Natural rattan wood (Rattan – Rattan line – Rattan skin)
Size : Pikul Chair
  • Width 28.5 inches
  • Long 18 inches
  • Height 33 inches
  • Weight 4.5 kg.
Size : Honeycomb Shape Tablee
  • Width 22 inches
  • Long 22 inches
  • Height 24 inches
  • Weight 4.3 kg.
  1. Set inside or outside of a home with eaves.
  2. Brush the dust away with a feather duster. Alternatively, a clean towel wet with water can be used to wipe the furniture clean.
  3. If the table has been damping for a long time, wipe it dry with a cloth.
📍 ‘Jubsann’ is a fictional character. It’s in the Maha Sarakham Province. Rattan furniture and a rattan living suite Every item in the ‘Catch Weave’ collection is made entirely of real rattan.

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