Jubsann Rattan furniture

‘Jubsann’ Is a shop to make and distribute products from 100% natural rattan. Rattan chair set, Rattan sofa, Rattan bird nest swing, Rattan bed and Rattan pulpit Where customers can make an order according to the pattern and color that you want

Rattan living set, rattan chair, rattan table, suitable as the furniture of every home that needs beautiful furniture to sit in the garden. It is a small relaxation corner in the house or used as a breakfast table, it is just as beautiful as it fits in every corner of the house. It also helps to add a warm atmosphere inside the house. More classic and inviting

In addition, the weaving of rattan chairs, rattan tables, rattan pulses and rattan furniture are all from professional villagers who have experience in rattan work. There is delicacy and care in every step of the weaving. Or in the part of the seat cushions are sewn and padded with thick, soft foam Gives a feeling of comfortable sitting Until we can guarantee that every piece of the shop’s rattan furniture is tough, strong, sun-resistant, weather-resistant, flexible, can be used for a long time and is environmentally friendly. It also helps to promote and generate income for the people in the community as the shop’s craftsmen are ‘villagers in our hometown’.